NWEA MAP Testing

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nwea MAP Testing[ ]

  • nwea (NorthWest Evaluation Association)
  • MAP (Measures of Academic Progress)

Templates[ ]

NWEA Links[ ]

NWEA Chromebook Setup[ ]

  • Open chrome
  • Select More Tools > Extensions
  • Enable developer mode
  • Manage Kiosk applications
  • NWEA App in Chrome Webstore
  • Logout from chromebook
  • Select apps on lower left of chromebook

Chrome App[ ]

  • Similar to above to get the app
  • To show apps on chrome, enter [chrome://apps chrome://apps]

iPad App[ ]

  • iPad Version
  • If iPad is stuck in the middle of a testing session, you can force reboot the iPad out of Kiosk Mode by simultaneously pressing the on/off button and the home button until you see the Apple icon on the screen.

NWEA Laptop Setup - Please download standalone browser:[ ]